Generation Y: A New Kind of Pro-Life Generation

What do all of the nations great pro-life rallies and marches have in common besides a love for Life? Young pro-lifers! The millennial generation is responsible for this pro-life outpouring because of the nearly 60 million members born between the 1970’s and late 1990’s. As a product of this generation I can assure you that we are filling our high schools, churches, college campuses, and the young adult world with our rallies, shirts, songs, and pro-life days of solidarity. With the majority of Americans self identifying themselves as “pro-life” I can’t help but hope that the number of pro-life “tweens”, teens, and young adults is even higher! Students for Life of America defended this hope by stating that, “A January Knights of Columbus/Marist poll showed that 58% of all 18- to 29-year-olds said that abortion is morally wrong, along with Generation X — the generation now 30-44 years old — of whom 60% believe abortion is morally wrong. These results are a positive increase from the baby boomers, ages 45-64, of whom 51% believe abortion is morally wrong.”

If there is a generation sent out to overturn Roe v. Wade…it’s ours! Our generation has a special place in the pro-life community for many reasons. First, we are the nation’s future leaders and we need to be formed in our political knowledge and pro-life views when we are young. As a more knowledgeable pro-life leader you will not only be well versed in your position but you’ll find that your convictions are strengthened. Second, we are willing to speak out on the topic in our conversations, our silent protests, our cute pro-life clothing choices, and more. You have the chance to give a voice to the 1/3 of our generation who never had the chance to have one by simply being you. Third, women who have the most abortions are ages 20-24 which puts them in the middle of our generation group. You never know what your prayers or words of encouragement might do for a young woman in need. Fourth, the most pro-abortion president in our nations history has passed the largest expansion of tax payer funded abortion since Roe v. Wade. Our generation watched it happen and now we will do something to change it. Health care is great and needed, but not when it provides funds, in any way, for abortions. From National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week to the Pro-Life Day of Solidarity, pro-life youth are standing up for life from coast to coast.

Are you an outstanding pro-life leader? Do you know of one? If so, take the time to nominate the young pro-life leaders you know for the Susan B. Anthony List Young Leader Award. Each spring, a group of young women who embody the pro-life legacy of Susan B. Anthony are presented with the award at our 4th annual Campaign for Life Gala in Washington, DC.

“Simple morality dictates that unless and until someone can prove the unborn human is not alive, we must give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it is (alive). And, thus, it should be entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” – President Ronald Reagan, 1982

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