Help Us Celebrate Susan B Anthony's Birthday on Facebook

Susan’s birthday is coming up on the 15th! Will you help us celebrate Susan’s birthday by telling your friends about SBA List on facebook?

How You Can Help!

1. Invite 15 of your facebook friends before February 15th!
-Under SBA’s profile picture on our fan page, click “suggest” to friends, and invite at least 15 of your pro-life friends.

2. Make SBA your status! Before or on the 15th, donate your facebook status to the pro-life cause.
-Here’s an example if you need help thinking of one: “Are you pro-life? Become a fan of Susan B Anthony List and support pro-life women in politics:”

3. Post SBA’s link to your page, or your friend’s facebook walls
-Copy and paste this link to your page or your friend’s pages:

4. Use your own ideas!
Come up with your own fun ways to tell your friends about SBA on facebook! If you come up with a great idea, post it on our wall!

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