Kermit Gosnell: The Canary in the Mineshaft

Over the last couple of months, we’ve blogged about the horrific case of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell. You can find that past blog posts here.

As we await the trial of Gosnell, Timothy Dalrymple at Patheos has written a touching yet tragic post on the issue:

While Dr. Gosnell was an exception in the filthiness of his facility and the brazenness of his law-breaking, his attitude toward abortion was no aberration. It was the logical consequence of the pro-choice argument. What the pro-choice movement really means by choice is that the woman has the power to choose when the life within her matters. Since these women who sought help from Gosnell did not want their babies, no matter how old or viable they were apart from their mothers, those babies’ lives counted for nothing.

Kermit Gosnell is the canary in the mineshaft. He is the sign, for those who still needed one, that the climate is poisoned. He may also be the sign that awakens many who have fallen asleep. For we now stand, I believe, at the turning of the tide. For reasons I will explain in the next installment in this series, the fields are now ripe for a second great awakening of the pro-life movement. The sense of invincibility around legalized abortion has cracked, and for the first time in a generation it may be possible—at least with a change of President—to make substantial legal limitations to abortion with strong public support.

Be sure to read Dalrymple’s post, as he hits the nail on the head. We truly are turning a corner in this debate — just this year, Planned Parenthood has seen irreparable damage to its brand as pro-lifers like Lila Rose and Abby Johnson pull back the curtain and expose the truth.

As awful and disgusting as the Gosnell case is, two victories have already occured as a result of the case. Two Delaware abortion clinics associated with Gosnell will likely never open their doors again. That means a countless number of unborn children will be spared of the brutality of Kermit Gosnell, and will likely be brought safely into this world.

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