Krauthammer: S.1696 a "Two-Edged Sword" for Democrats

On Tuesday’s Special Report, Krauthammer discussed the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” (S.1696) which seeks to wipe out almost every pro-life law on the books.

Our research arm, the Charlotte Lozier Institute, just completed an in-depth analysis of the atrocious, far-reaching ramifications S. 1696 would have on unborn babies and their mothers.

Just a few examples:

  • Limits on abortion after 20 weeks – or after 5 months of pregnancy – based on the child’s ability to feel pain would be invalidated.
  • Laws prohibiting abortions based on the child’s gender would be invalidated.
  • Waiting period laws – that give the mother time to reflect on her decision – would be severely jeopardized.
  • Laws requiring mothers to be given an opportunity to see a sonogram and hear the heartbeat of her unborn child before choosing abortion would be severely jeopardized.

Your SBA List is working with our pro-life allies on the Hill to fight this radical abortion expansion bill. Donate now and help our efforts to protect unborn children and their mothers from S.1696!

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