A Little Prayerful Ingenuity – The Great Prayer Project

Defenders of Life! Looking for a way to keep a STEADY and POWERFUL assault on the plague of abortion? Look no further than a new online prayer campaign entitled:


The basic premise is this: one full year beginning March 25, 2010 completely covered in non-stop prayer with the specific intention of ending abortion worldwide. PERIOD. It’s a rather easy setup. Simply sign up on the website and create a username and password and then you are able to go to the “Calendar” and sign up for any available time slot during the entire year. Days are broken up into 20-minute time slots and are all based on Eastern Standard Time so if you aren’t in EST, be aware that you are signing up for EST time slot specifically. Plenty of helpful hints on the website are given to help folks along in their prayer if they are a little unsure of how to fill their time slot.

March 25th is quite an appropriate date for such an undertaking seeing as it is the feast of the Annunciation, the very day when Christ took on flesh a HUMAN PERSON inside of Mary’s womb, a sure reminder of the immeasurably precious gift within every woman’s womb.

Hats off to the creators of this project for having the zeal and conviction to pull this off! May all those fighting for life be blessed in their efforts!

Here is the link to the website: The Great Prayer Project – End Abortion

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