More and more states are rapidly taking pro-life measures!

Three pro-life bills have just been assigned to the Illinois House Agriculture Committee and have angered those at Planned Parenthood Illinois. 

Planned Parenthood is lobbying against one bill in particular, HB 2093.

This bill mandates that not only licensed health care workers like doctors, nurses, social workers, and teachers report child abuse, but extends the mandatory reports to all staff at health care facilities. Planned Parenthood says this “creates redundant regulations that have the potential to overload the Department of Children and Family Services.”

Redundant in what way? Maybe Planned Parenthood fears this law after evidence was released from their own facilities showing their employees aiding and abetting child abuse in underage sex-trafficking.

Not all pro-abortion groups are opposed to the law, though. In fact, it’s worth noting that even Illinois Choice Action Team, a state affiliate for NARAL, backs up HB 2093

The other pieces of pro-life legislation proposed are HB 1919, which mandates the procedure for performing an ultrasound prior to abortion and requires data to be compiled by the Illinois Department of Public Health, and HB 3156, which mandates Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Centers that provide abortion care to follow all of the general ASTC regulations in spite of other statutes or rules, because some have been disregarded since the Ragsdale Consent Decree that came out of trial in the 1980s after a litigating against the State because it was allegedly imposing regulations “designed to make abortion less accessible.”

In other state news, Utah’s House and Senate also recently passed three pro-life legislations; in addition, pro-life Governor Gary R. Herbert signed another one into law.

And, in New Mexico, the State House of Representatives approved a measure that gives limited protection to unborn victims of violence when their mothers are the subjects of a crime.

These are just some of the many clear examples of how the nation is stirring and raising up its pro-life voice. While the latest Continuing Resolution passed yesterday with 271 to 158 votes, Congress will continue to debate the budget over the next three weeks. The pro-life grassroots are keeping up the fight, and refuse to accept anything less than the complete defunding of Planned Parenthood.

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