New VIDEO: Obama & Planned Parenthood – Turn off the Music!

Take a minute to watch the SBA List’s new video, “Turn Off the Music,” which exposes the truth of President Obama loyalty and dedication to Planned Parenthood. 

As a working college student, it outrages  me to know that our President is spending taxpayer money on Planned Parenthood, our nation’s largest abortion provider.  Not only was President Obama willing to  shut down the federal government for Planned Parenthood, his administration even threatened to withdraw Medicaid funding for the poor in Indiana after the state legislature voted to defund Planned Parenthood.

Most recently, the Obama administration moved to directly contract with Planned Parenthood of New England, ignoring the New Hampshire Executive Council, which voted to end the state’s $1.8 million contract with the abortion provider.

American’s must “turn off the music” on President Obama’s party with Planned Parenthood. It’s time for Americans to open their ears and listen to the truth: President Obama is willing to do whatever it takes to keep tax payer dollars flowing to Planned Parenthood. 

Please take just a few minutes to watch the video, make a donation to help us launch it far and wide, and then share it with as many friends and family members as possible, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

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