A Pastor’s Drive to End Abortion

Last year Dave Wilkinson asked God for guidance. He wanted to know what he could do to better fight abortion.

Wilkinson, an evangelical pastor, runs three Ventura County pregnancy clinics that encourage women to choose alternatives to the procedure. He believes the prevalence of abortion is the biggest test Christians face. “It’s probably one of the things that American Christians are going to have to stand before God and answer for,” Wilkinson said. “He will say, ‘You, as Americans, what did you do to fight abortion?’ “


Pastor Dave Wilkinson’s drive is to end abortion – literally. Wilkinson has converted an RV into a mobile pro-life force!

Wilkinson stops in some of Los Angeles’ poorest neighborhood to offer ultrasounds, medical care, counseling and prayer – and he does it all for free thanks to the parishoners of southern california church communities, and equiptment donated by Focus on the Family.

Read more about Wilkinson’s pro-life work from the LA times.

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