Perry’s own adult stem cells used for back operation

Texas Governor Rick Perry is probably the most high profile testament to the effectiveness of adult stem cells over embryonic stem cells. Perry tweeted on Monday that his spinal fusion and nerve decompression to treat a recurring injury in his back went “as advertised”. He didn’t mention that the procedure used an injection of his own adult stem cells. His recovery is going well.

His doctor took stem cells from the tissue in Perry’s hips, allowed them to expand in culture for several weeks, then injected them into his spine and bloodstream to repair the spine. And no embryos were killed.

 Over 80 conditions and diseases, and hundreds, if not thousands, of people, have been cured through adult stem cell treatment. How many have been cured through embryonic stem cell research? Zero, at the cost of countless human embryos killed. And yet the pro-abortion left still demands that we fund it with tax dollars. It’s amazing how the pro-abortion side ignores the realities of science.

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