Right to Life Organizers in the UK take their cues from US Success

The International Pro-Life Community can take heart in light of a recently published article by British news service, The Guardian. In his article, Monday, reporter Ben Quinn commented on the thriving efforts of Pro-Life groups within the United Kingdom.

As Quinn reported, the number of sidewalk ministries in Great Britain is on the rise and such organizations are taking their cues from successful Pro-Life operations held within the United States. Many British programs, like the one led recently in Maidstone, UK by American priest Monsignor Philip Reilly, often mirror the methods of their overseas counterparts.

As leader of the New York based organization, Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, Monsignor Reilly traveled to Great Britain in order to meet with fellow Pro-Life advocates and to share knowledge gained through his stateside ministry. Quinn cites such international collaboration as a rising trend within the Right to Life community.

This surge in cooperation between Right to Life ministries in the United States and Great Britain is greatly responsible for bolstering a number of British Pro-Life groups including, Abort 67 (an organization partnered with the California-based Center for Bioethical Reform), Bound4Life, 40 Days for Life UK, and the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

Andy Stephenson, of Abort 67, also attributes this renewed energy to youthful, more mobilized generation of Life advocates. In Monday’s article he stated, “A younger generation of anti-abortion leaders are emerging with more willingness to collaborate than has been seen before.”

Indeed, as an increasing number of our own American youth grow to consider themselves Pro-Life, we must now more than ever encourage our British neighbors to stand fast in the cause for Life. To learn more about the Right to Life issue in the UK visit: http://prolife.org.uk/

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