Summer of Mercy 2.0

You’re pro-life (like a majority of Americans these days) & you want to keep up the good fight this summer and do what you can to make sure Life is respected at all stages…so what can you do?

Well, you’re already signed up for SBA List Action Alerts, so you’ll be able to jump into action and contact your legislators or send letters to your editor if the need should arise. And the next 40 Days for Life campaign doesn’t start until October (but applications are now being accepted if you would like to lead a campaign this fall!). You can always pray or (if you’re trained) do some sidewalk counseling outside your local Planned Parenthood or other abortion clinic in your area…

Summer.of.mercyBut if you are in the Maryland-Virginia-DC area, you DO NOT want to miss out on Summer of Mercy 2.0.

Back in 1991, over 50,000 people gathered amid sweltering summer heat in Witchita, Kansas to unite in prayer and beg for end to late-term abortions, often performed by one of the city’s most (in)famous citizens – Dr. George Tiller.  

Now, 20 years later, many battles have been won in the fight for Life, but there is still much work to be done. Dr. LeRoy Carhart has recently moved part of his late-term abortion business to Maryland.  According to NARAL’s “grading” system, Maryland receives an A for its record on legislation pertaining to abortion. Maryland’s Free of Choice Act makes it legally possible for a woman to obtain an abortion at almost any stage of her pregnancy.

summer.picFor the most up-to-date information, visit the website for Summer of Mercy 2.0. In addition to daily prayer, witness & praise events outside of Germantown Reproductive Services (the clinic where Carhart performs abortions), other scheduled events (subject to change) include:

Saturday, July 30
7:00 PM:  Kick-off Rally at Covenant Life Church, 7501 Muncaster Mill Rd, Gaithersburg, MD Featured Speaker: Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

Sunday, July 31
5:00 PM: Mass at Mother Seton Catholic Church, 19951 Father Hurley Blvd, Germantown, MD
6:00 PM: Rosary Procession to Germantown Reproductive Services (Wisteria & Executive Park Circle)

Wednesday, August 3
5:30 PM:  Mass at St. Matthew’s Cathedral, 1725 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC      
6:00 PM:  Rosary Procession to Planned Parenthood (16th & L Streets, NW)

Saturday, August 6
12:00 PM – 3:00 PM: Mass & Holy Hour Mother Seton Catholic Church, Germantown, MD with the intention of healing the wounds caused by abortion

Sunday, August 7
2:00 PM: Cross 4 Life, Germantown Reproductive Services (Closing event)

If you can’t make it to Maryland, join in a novena (nine days) of prayer from your hometown!

In addition to the website for Summer of Mercy 2.0, you can also check out the websites of other organizations involved with this event: Maryland Coalition for Life, Covenant Life ChurchDepartment of Life Issues ( Archdiocese of Washington), Respect Life Office (Archdiocese of Baltimore).

And don’t forget to share all this info on Facebook & Twitter! Pro-life momentum is building all across the country! Now is a moment in time where every prayer, every email sent to Congress, every charitable contribution in support of Life will make a difference. Together we will make a difference. Together we can save lives.

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