Tell Apple, Inc. to Reinstate Pro-life App!

As the Suzy B Blog mentioned earlier this week, Apple, Inc., the electronics giant and creator of the Mac, iPod, and iPhone, recently removed the pro-life Manhattan Declaration iPhone app from its App Store.

Pro-family groups have applauded Apple in the past for the company’s refusal to allow pornography on their apps. But now, Apple has removed an app for the pro-life Manhattan Declaration, which was signed by hundreds of pro-life leaders and over 500,000 Americans.

Apple’s reviewers originally approved the app, giving it a 4+ rating, certified to contain no offensive material. But they caved to a group of pro-gay marriage activists and removed the app, claiming it was “offensive to large groups of people.” Meanwhile, Apple allows apps for Planned Parenthood and numerous other abortion groups, not to mention a forthcoming app that will allow people to “report” pastors and priests who speak out for traditional marriage.

Take action now!

Please take just a minute or two to send an email to Apple CEO Steve Jobs through the SBA List Action Center. Tell Mr. Jobs to stop censoring the majority of Americans who are pro-life and restore the Manhattan Declaration app.

For more details, check out this video from the National Organization for Marriage:

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