Texas Sonogram Law Unblocked by Court

The Associated Press is reporting that a federal appeals court ruled today that a Texas law stating that women seeking an abortion must be shown a sonogram of their unborn child may be enforced while opponents of the law challenge the measure in court. The group that brought up the case, the Center for Reproductive Rights, can still appeal the ruling.

The pro-life law, which was signed into effect last year, had been prevented from being put into effect by a temporary order. In August, US. District Judge Sam Sparks ruled that several provisions of the new law violated the free speech of the doctors performing the abortions as it required them to show and describe sonogram images, as well as to describe the fetal heartbeat.

The three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the temporary order. In her opinion Chief Judge Edith H. Jones dismantled the argument that the law violates the free speech of the doctors performing the abortion procedure. She wrote:

“The required disclosures of a sonogram, the fetal heartbeat, and their medical descriptions are the epitome of truthful, non-misleading information. The appellees failed to demonstrate constitutional flaws (with the law).”

Proudly pro-life Texas Governor Rick Perry, speaking from the presidential campaign trail in South Carolina, praised the decision of the court.

“Today’s ruling is a victory for all who stand in defense of life,” Perry said. “Every life lost to abortion is a tragedy, and this important sonogram legislation ensures that every Texas woman seeking an abortion has all the facts about the life she is carrying, and understands the devastating impact of such a life-ending decision.”

The decision of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is something to celebrate and support. When women are facing a dramatic, life changing, and inalterable decision; it is essential that they are fully informed about the drastic step they are about to take. While the pro-abortion side so often makes a grand fuss about giving women a choice, they seem less than anxious to allow her a free and educated choice. It seems they would rather keep her in the dark.

Women deserve to know the truth and to be fully informed before they make any decision that could fundamentally alter their lives and that of their children. Let us hope that this law continues to stand and safeguard women and their children.

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