Turn up the Heat for Your Senators!

DC Snow Storm

Call to Action!

As the Christmas celebration gets closer and the majority of us are enjoying meeting up with old friends, parties, winter concerts, and last minute shopping (ok–we don’t always enjoy this one!), the health care debate is coming to a climax. Senator Harry Reid is pushing as hard as he can to get a final vote on the health care bill before the scheduled Christmas recess. In fact, it is possible that the final Senate health care vote will be on Christmas Eve!

While we would all rather enjoy the turkey and pie, it is imperative that we do not ignore what is going on in Washington.

Marjorie said today, “This has been a long, tiring fight but the good news is that we are winning…The Democratic leadership thought that sneaking a massive expansion of abortion into the health care bill was going to be easy.  Honestly, they did not know who they were up against.”

Americans across the country have continued again and again to say “NO” to taxpayer funding of abortion. We’ve got to continue to say “NO” now.

This weekend, we’re expecting a big snow storm in D.C., but we’ve got to keep the heat on high. Contact your Senators today, Saturday, and Sunday (yes, they’ll be there!) and tell them to vote “NO” on any health care reform that includes funding of abortion, or plans that cover abortions.

Go to the Action Center and send a message to your Senator!

If you call them, let us know how the conversation goes! Please post a comment!

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