University Student Union Wants Pro-Life Groups Removed

College pro-life groups have long faced discrimination. Many students have found university administrations to be especially slow in recognizing such groups as official clubs or stingy in providing funds. However, the University of Carlton in Canada has reached a new low: it is considering banning all pro-life student organizations.

Last year, Carlton’s student union banned one pro-life group, Carlton Lifeline, for displaying graphic photos of abortion and had participating students arrested. Now they propose the following referendum to the Carlton University Student Association (CUSA): “Are you in favour of banning groups such as Lifeline, the Genocide Awareness Project, Campaign for Life Coalition and other organizations that use inaccurate information and violent images to discourage women from exploring all options in the event of pregnancy from Carleton University?”Pro-life students at Carlton University were arrested for displaying graphic images. (Photo is from the Carlton Lifeline website)

Taylor Hyatt, an officer of Carlton Lifeline, is one of many to protest. “What this referenda question amounts to is an attempt to not only censor pro-life students, but ostensibly have them evicted from Carleton’s campus,” she said. “Is Carleton University and CUSA going to start removing students for doing pro-life activities?”

Pro-life groups were not the only ones targeted. Another referendum seeks to ban any clubs concerning guns.

Brandon Wallington, member of the Firearms Association of Carlton University as well as CUSA Arts and Social Sciences Councilor, protests the referenda on constitutional grounds.

“These attacks on the rights of Carleton students, whether they be pro-life students or students who enjoy sport shooting, are disgusting,” he said. “[They are] a violation of their fundamental freedoms of expression and association.”

CUSA has postponed approving this year’s referenda for reasons unrelated to the life issue, LifeSiteNews reports.

Thank you, Carlton Lifeline, for your bold stand for Life in the face of discrimination. We stand with you in solidarity!

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