Unlimited abortion in Russia?

What impact does widespread abortion have upon a nation and its people? Psychologically speaking, the needless slaughter of countless unborn children has brought about the unwelcomed consequence of the devaluation of innocent human life.

This being true, the question of how abortion has impacted the demographics of nations still remains. Briefly examining the example of Russia should prove to be highly effective in answering such a question.

In 2008, LifeNews.com reported on Russia’s ever shrinking population due to practically unlimited abortions. Specifically, it has been estimated that the Russian population has been in a seeming freefall since the 1990s and could, if patterns continue, lose almost one-third of its population by 2050.

These harrowing realizations should have been expected since a 2004 United Nations survey found that Russia had the highest abortion rate in the entire world (53.7 abortions per 1000 women aged 15-44).

To truly put the nation’s problem in perspective, consider that, in July, the Associated Press reported that “Free abortion is available at any licensed medical clinic in the country and at any term in the pregnancy, though late termination is only permitted on grounds of several health risks to the mother or fetal abnormalities.”

Thankfully, a few small measures have been taken in order to reverse this disturbing trend. In 2008, a law was enacted which restricted where abortion advertisements could be placed. This year, a new law was signed to require at least 10% of an abortion advertisement to discuss the risks associated with abortion. It also allows women to drop off their unwanted babies at special adoption centers with no questions asked.

To be certain, Russia is taking small steps in the right direction. Hopefully, its leaders and citizens will come to further understand both the moral and demographic problems inherent with such widespread instances of abortion. When such considerations are realized, swift efforts to protect life will, assuredly, be undertaken. 

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