Update: Late Term Abortionist to Come to Germantown, MD

The Washington Post reported today that infamous late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart will begin performing abortions in Germantown, Maryland on December 6th.

It had previously been reported that Carhart would open up a new abortion clinic in either the Maryland or Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., but local pro-lifers pointed out that, sadly, Maryland has been a longtime safe haven for abortionists and clinics and therefore the more likely state for Carhart.

Maryland Right to Life lamented the egregious history of abortion in Maryland in a recent press release:

Maryland has one of the most permissive abortion laws in the nation. It has never banned partial-birth abortion and is one of just 16 states to have no meaningful parental involvement statute for minors seeking abortions. Maryland is one of only five states that voluntarily pays for elective abortions with state Medicaid funds, one of just four states that does not collect any data on abortions, and the only state in the country to give civil immunity to abortionists who fail to obtain proper informed consent.

Maryland’s lack of protective regulations concerning abortion was highlighted recently when several examples of substandard medical practices came to light.

A Severna Park abortionist, Romeo Ferrer, lost his medical license in September after it was determined that he negligently failed to monitor a patient who died during an abortion in 2006 after Ferrer administered an overdose of a narcotic drug. Ferrer may also face criminal charges in connection with the death.

The Maryland Board of Physicians also censured three abortionists for transporting patients across state lines to Elkton, Md., in order to skirt New Jersey’s protective medical regulations on abortions performed after 14 weeks. Abortionist Stephen Brigham was found to be performing abortions without a medical license and two other abortion providers had their licenses suspended for numerous ethics violations, which included transporting a critically injured woman to a local hospital in a private vehicle rather than calling an ambulance. The woman was flown to Johns Hopkins Hospital where she required emergency surgery to save her life.

Law enforcement officials investigating the Elkton facility found a freezer containing the bodies of 35 victims of late-term abortion, some as old as 36 weeks gestation.

MD RTL Executive Director Angela Martin congratulated Nebraska on its landmark fetal pain bill, the reason Carhart can no longer perform late-term abortions in Nebraska…when will Maryland wake up and pass at least some lifesaving legislation?

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