Wearing the Pro-Life movement on our sleeves…literally!

It hasn’t been a particularly easy, conflict-free last few months for pro-life advocates has it?!?! After the polemic filled debate over abortion funding in the health care bill and the fallout from Stupak’s infamous betrayal of the pro-life movement, some of us might be thinking, “How can we recover the all-conquering joy of defending life?” American Life League just might have a campaign which helps recover some of that simple, joyful truth of the pro-life message!

From April 27 – May 3, American Life League will be running “National Pro-Life T-shirt Week” which has the primary aim of calling attention to the personhood of each and every human life from conception onward. American Life League is featuring 5 very affordable shirts for the week available for purchase at their online store.

pro life tshirts




ALL is also encouraging pro-lifers to put their iPhones to good use by launching an app for their scavenger hunt photo contest in which participants must submit, via iPhone, a photo of themselves…

   * in an actual phone booth (like Superman uses).

   * with a Catholic nun wearing a habit.

   * holding a pro-life sign while participating in a pro-life march.

Easy. Fun. Pro-Life! Definitely something worth checking out at: http://npltw.com/

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