What Would You Do?

People often say you never know what you might do in a particular situation until you actually experience that situation yourself.

ABC’s “What Would You Do?” is a show that embodies this concept by putting ordinary people in tough positions. Recently the show set up a scene where two actors pose as a young couple arguing publicly about the decision whether or not to abort their unplanned pregnancy. This episode, filmed in Texas, shows real-life Texans doing what they feel is right. Have a look at this awesome video:

It is heartwarming to know that people with strong pro-life convictions can find the courage to reach out and console a young couple during a difficult time. Not caring about what others might think or say, and no matter who was watching, these compassionate people sat down and discussed the situation with them.  One woman even took the opportunity to pray with the young couple.

This should serve as an encouragement to all pro-lifers and a reminder to step up in the time of need and be there for young parents going through a tough time.  You never know what your words could mean to a person in difficulty. Be speaking up, you’ll never have to second guess what happened to them or what would have happened if you would have offered those words of encouragement.

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