Who Shall Live, Senator Casey?

The defeat of the pro-life Nelson amendment last week was not the last opportunity for pro-life representatives to stand up for Life. With the possibility that the Senate will have a final vote on health care at any moment, pro-life forces must be clear: Any senator who wishes to continue calling himself pro-life must reject this health care bill—or else be complicit in the largest expansion of government-backed abortion since Roe vs. Wade.  

So-called “pro-life” Senators must stay true to their word, and understand that one attempt to protect children and their mothers with a single amendment, simply put, is just not good enough. Some pro-life democrats are threatening to fall short when it comes to staying true to their pro-life districts. Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania met with President Obama on Monday, a strong signal that he is willing to vote for health care, without the pro-life compromises. Now is the time to remind Senator Casey where his roots lie.

Today, the Susan B. Anthony List launched a new TV ad campaign targeting Senator Casey. Will Sen. Casey stand up and protect the legacy his stalwart pro-life father spent his career fighting for? Or will he betray our American character?

Check out the ad and donate today to keep it on the air!

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