Women Speak Out, Southern Tour Days 2-3

What a great couple of days in the South!

Wednesday we were in Montgomery and Birmingham Alabama to join Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman, Cheryl Ciamarra of Alabama Right to Life and Focus on Life Radio, as well as Laura Peters, President of Alabama Students for Life, Joy Pinto of Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center, and Barry Robichaux of 40 Days for Life to speak out on abortion in health care reform.

Thursday, we rounded out the tour by heading to Senator Blanche Lincoln’s office in Little Rock, AR. Little Rock was beautiful despite the fact that a massive ice storm was on its way, and the press conference got a ton of coverage from local media. We were lucky to be joined by Mary Pate of 40 Days for Life, and Dr. Cheri Pierson Yecke, Dean of Graduate Programs at Harding University.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the last two stops on the tour due the aforementioned ice storm. We’re thinking of our friends in Hot Springs and Fayetteville, be safe!

As the health care battle continues, pro-life Americans must continue to encourage and insist that their members of Congress stay true to their pro-life values. Thank you to southern Rep.’s Charlie Melancon, Gene Taylor, Bobby Bright, Artur Davis, Travis Childers, Mike Ross, and Marion Berry who all stayed true to their constituents, both born and unborn and voted for the pro-life, pro-woman Stupak amendment. We expect these representatives to stand strong, and to be good examples for southern Senator’s Mary Landrieu and Blanche Lincoln. Abortion is NOT health care and the American tax payers should not be forced to foot the bill for abortion on-demand.

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