Remarks by Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser

On the Dobbs Supreme Court Case

Prepared for Delivery

December 1, 2021

Friends, life is truly the most important human rights cause of our time. From abolition to suffrage to the civil rights movement, principled women and men throughout history have always stepped up to lead at pivotal moments like this.

The pioneers of the women’s movement clearly understood the violent, oppressive nature of abortion, and they adamantly opposed it.

From Susan B. Anthony’s newspaper The Revolution: “The act will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in the grave. But thrice guilty is the one who drove her to the dreadful deed.”

Half a century of abortion on demand under Roe v. Wade, 63 million missing children and countless wounded mothers, and the brokenness and suffering that radiates through our whole culture has only proven her point.

That’s why the theme of this rally is “Empower Women, Promote Life.”

What Susan B. Anthony could not have known were the intricacies of life in the womb, revealed by decades of scientific progress, including the pain felt by unborn children killed in abortions.

Instead of leading on human rights, in the area of abortion policy, the United States stands with the world’s worst abusers of vulnerable women.

Under Roe, 39 out of 42 European countries have more protective laws than one of our most conservative states.

But we have hope. Mississippi’s law, if upheld, brings us much closer to where we ought to be.

An opportunity this great to correct such a grievous injustice doesn’t come every day. This is America’s chance to step back from the brink of madness after all these long years. To turn the page on Roe’s onerous chapter and begin a more humane era – one where every child and every mother is safe under the mantle of the law.

We urge the Court: listen to those better angels. Don’t flinch.

A wise person said, “The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.” I’m proud to join Attorney General Fitch and the modern standard-bearers of authentic feminism, as we carry on the greatest American tradition: standing for unalienable rights, standing for the marginalized, standing for truth, standing for LIFE.

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