Alissa LaCourse

Advisor to the President

Allie grew up in Syracuse, New York. She graduated with a degree in Social Work and has always felt called to be an advocate for the unborn. In college, she was involved with a local pregnancy center, helping to counsel women facing unplanned pregnancies, always promoting the value of life.

She spent time interning with Homes of Hope, a residential home for low income single moms. The emphasis of “loving them both,” became so tangible in this setting. It was while working with these women that she recognized the importance of positive leadership and life-affirming legislation in the everyday lives of those she servedleading her to pursue working with Susan B. Anthony List.

She now serves as an Advisor to the President. In this role, her primary focus is to intentionally steward and cultivate relationships with pro-life Americans, in order to provide opportunities for increased involvement with the mission and goals of SBA List.