SBA Pro-Life America Candidate Fund Endorses Kemp for GA Governor, Slams Abrams’ Extremism

“Governor Brian Kemp courageously stands up to pro-abortion bullies, inspiring leaders around the country,” said SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Swiftly after taking office, Kemp signed a strong new law protecting unborn babies from the moment their heartbeat is detected. Don’t buy Stacey Abrams’ verbal smokescreens – she supports painful late-term abortions up to the moment of birth. Our ground team has visited the homes of more than 233,000 Georgia voters to expose the extremism of Democrats like Abrams and elect champions like Governor Kemp.”

SBA List’s Candidate Fund PAC Celebrates Walker’s Win, Slams Warnock’s Pro-Abortion Extremism

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 24, 2022 Contact: Mary Owens, Pro-life Ground Team Visits 200K+ Homes of Georgia Voters Washington, D.C. – Today Susan B. Anthony List’s Candidate Fund PAC celebrated as its endorsed candidate Herschel Walker won the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Georgia. Walker will face incumbent U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock in […]

Kelly Loeffler & SBA List Announce Partnership to Mobilize Pro-life Resources Across Georgia

“SBA List is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with former U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler – a friend and longtime champion for the unborn and mothers – to support nonprofits working selflessly to serve women and build a culture of life,” SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said. “Kelly’s pro-life, pro-woman leadership stands in contrast to the abortion industry and its advocates who present women one ‘choice’ only and then send them out the door. Abortion is not the solution to the very real needs and challenges women face. As we work to enact laws that save lives, we will continue to back our community heroes on the front lines of the battle for life, providing the support systems moms, children and families need to thrive.”

Georgia: Sen. Raphael Warnock and Dem Extremists Lead Push for Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 11, 2022 Contact: Mary Owens,  Pro-Life Ground Team Has Visited the Homes of 200,000+ GA Voters to Expose Democrats’ Pro-Abortion Agenda Washington, D.C. – Today the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) criticized U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock’s (D-GA) pro-abortion record ahead of a U.S. Senate vote on […]

Georgia Media Advisory: Pro-life Group to Expose Abortion Extremism of Sen. Warnock, Reps. Bourdeaux & McBath

“Most Americans oppose taxpayer funding for abortion on demand, yet Raphael Warnock, Carolyn Bordeaux, and Lucy McBath have no problem ignoring their Georgia constituents to vote in lock-step with the abortion industry. If they insist on forcing taxpayers to fund abortion on demand and support barbaric, late abortions without limits, they must and will face the consequences of their extremism at the ballot box. SBA List’s ongoing campaign to expose abortion extremism in battleground states and districts includes a multi-faceted education campaign and even door to door visits from our field team,” said Mallory Quigley, SBA List vice president of communications and Women Speak Out national spokeswoman.