Shauna Amick: Mother and Advocate

A proud disability rights advocate, Shauna Amick chose life for her daughter, Sarah Hope, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, as well as other genetic abnormalities. She uses her voice to speak up for children like her own daughter, and her beautiful family is proof that children can live happy, full lives regardless of disability. […]

Claire Culwell: Abortion Survivor

Claire Culwell’s birth mother was just 13 years old when she became pregnant with twins – but she didn’t know that when she decided to have an abortion. Weeks after the procedure, her mother realized her belly was still growing – one of her twins had survived the abortion, and that baby was Claire! Today, […]

Paul Wagle: Survivor and Scholar

CLI Associate Scholar Paul Wagle is alive because of adult stem cells! When he was ten years old, Paul was diagnosed with Leukemia, and received an adult stem cell transplant after battling the disease for four years. For over ten years now, Paul has been cured. He went on to graduate from college with degrees in […]

Melissa Ortiz: Pro-Life Advocate for Americans with Disabilities

Melissa Ortiz is a passionate advocate for Americans with disabilities. She’s dedicated to fighting for the rights of babies in the womb who have been diagnosed with fetal anomalies, such as Spina Bifida and Down Syndrome. In 2017, Melissa was appointed by President Trump as the Commissioner of the Administration on Disabilities, working to advance […]