EWTN Pro-Life Weekly Episode 87: Rep. Jeff Fortenberry commentary on aborted baby parts contract with university

In the latest episode of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly:

Representative Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska reacts to a 13.8-million-dollar contract with a university to obtain aborted baby body parts for research. Autumn Christensen, policy director for the Susan B. Anthony list, joins us with an update on the upcoming midterm elections. The Little Sisters of the Poor were in federal court last week—Montse Alvarado, vice president and executive director of Becket, updates us with the latest on the legal battle. French President Emmanuel Macron has stirred up controversy with his comments on large families and educated women—Catherine Hadro “Speaks Out.” And we sit down with Super Bowl champion and retired NFL player Matt Birk to hear how he’s boldly spoken up about his pro-life views and Catholic faith.

We’re partnering with EWTN to produce this weekly pro-life show that will not only update you on the latest updates in the fight for LIFE, but will also provide you with opportunities to take action to end abortion!

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