Lawmakers Push to De-Fund Planned Parenthood

This article originally appeared on on February 11, 2011.

Lawmakers Push to De-Fund Planned Parenthood

By: Paul Strand

Lawmakers in Congress are now moving to strip Planned Parenthood of the millions of dollars it receives in government funding each year.

The pro-life group Live Action recently caught Planned Parenthood workers at two separate offices violating laws that prevent underage and unauthorized abortions.  

For more on the undercover videos and the work being done to investigate and stop Planned Parenthood see a list of related links below, and visit the website Expose Planned Parenthood.

The workers can be seen on video giving advice to a couple they thought were a pimp and underage prostitute seeking an illegal abortion.

“All American women can agree, all parents can agree this has to stop,” Live Action president Lila Rose said. “This organization is not safe for women. This organization is not to be trusted. It’s not the friend of women.”

This has led to a massive move in the Republican-controlled House to cut off Planned Parenthood’s millions of dollars in government grants and contracts.

“It is beyond shocking that Planned Parenthood employees were found on videotape aiding and abetting in the sex trafficking of minors,” Rep. Martha Roby, R-Ala., said. “It is not a proud day that citizens learn about these activities.”

Many pro-life lawmakers have wanted to cut Planned Parenthood’s funding for years since the group is the nation’s largest provider of abortions.

GOP Rep. Mike Pence is sponsoring the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act to move the effort forward.

“Planned Parenthood received $363.2 million in taxpayer funding during a period of time that they boasted of having performed 324,800 abortions,” the Ohio lawmaker said.

The money Planned Parenthood gets is supposedly never used for abortions, but many find that hard to believe.

“Money is fungible. So money that goes to Planned Parenthood is going for abortion. There is no other way to look at it,” said Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colo.

A number of pro-life organizations including the Susan B. Anthony List and the Pro-Life Women’s Caucus are asking the public to call, e-mail or write their lawmakers to cut off federal funds from Planned Parenthood.

“We are now going to cut an agency that exploits women both born and unborn,” Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, R-N.Y., said. “This is an opportunity for us to stand up for what’s right.”

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