After Release of Planned Parenthood Sex Trafficking Videos, Pro-lifers Plan Valentine's Vigil for Victims

After a string of appallling videos, in which managers of several Planned Parenthood clinics across states were recorded knowingly assisting sex traffickers in their exploitation of underage sex slaves, the pro-movement has again risen to action.  The incident caused a stir in congress and in the media, and this Valentine’s Day, ordinary Americans from across the nation will gather at local Planned Parenthood clinics from noon to 1pm.  The statement is clear: we will tell Planned Parenthood that we will NOT continue supporting this abuse with our tax dollars, and we will be a voice of true compassion for the exploited children who have suffered at their hands.  Planned Parenthood shows their love these young girls by telling them and their pimp how they can more efficiently perform their horrific labor, we shall show them REAL love by defending their right to a joyful, free, and safe childhood.  Let’s not let Planned Parenthood take that from them!    

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