D.C. Abortion Bailout Holds Serious Consequences for Minors

The House of Representatives is currently considering whether or not to approve President Obama’s recommendation that tax dollars be used to fund abortions in the nation’s capital. In his 2009-2010 budget proposal, President Obama called for the repeal of the Dornan Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion in Washington D.C. (with exceptions in cases of the health of the mother, rape or incest).

The effects of this step of the abortion bailout loom large for a specific sector of the population: teenagers. The District of Columbia is included in a small group of states (3 states plus D.C.) that explicitly grants minors the right to an abortion.

Going further, D.C. does not require minors to obtain parental consent before having an abortion. Your taxpayer dollars could soon be going to funding abortions for girls as young as 12 years-old. In addition to D.C. residents, your money could pay for the abortions of minors who have been brought to D.C. to avoid parental consent laws in their home states.

Already, Washington D.C. has one of the highest teenage abortion rates nationwide, with over 40% of teenage pregnancies ending in abortion. Should taxpayer funds become available for all D.C. abortions, the abortion rate among minors (teens, ages 12 years-old and up) could increase dramatically.

Please take action to defend life and to keep more of our nation’s youth from facing the tragedy of abortion.

Contact your Representative and Senators today and them you don’t want your tax dollars to fund abortions in D.C.!

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