FALLIN Calls on Obama to Keep Abortion Out of Health Care

Congresswoman Mary Fallin has sent a letter [pdf] to President Obama, urging him to address the issue of abortion and his health care proposal head on.

The letter, signed by 34 pro-life leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives asks the President to take a stand against existing provisions that would allow the use of federal taxpayer-funds for abortion coverage.

Key excerpts:

    According to your proposal, both individuals and employers who do not carry plans that meet federally-established minimum coverage benefits would face steep tax penalties.  IF aboriton coverage was included in these mandates, it would be an affront to millions of pro-life Americans who would be required to purchase, provide and fund a practice they find abhorrent.

    Unless a specific exclusion for abortion is included in the final bill, this mandate could force private insurers to cover abortions and force taxpayers to foot the bill.  This amounts to an assault on the consciences of pro-life doctors, insurance providers and employers who do not want to carry out, fund or provide these procedures.

Fallin closes the letter by calling ont he president to clarify his position on taxpayer-funded abortions.  Thank you Rep. Fallin for your leadership on this critical issue!

Does your representative know how you feel about abortion and health care?  Send a letter through the SBA List online action center today!

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