Marjorie on Big Tech’s Bias in Favor of Abortion Business Planned Parenthood

Mary Margaret Olohan reports for the Daily Caller: Google Favors Planned Parenthood Results More Than Twice As Much As Other Search Engines, Report Finds

Google favors Planned Parenthood results for “abortion” more than twice as much as other search engines do, a Wall Street Journal report released Friday found.

The Wall Street Journal conducted tests searching the word “abortion” over 17 days in July and August. The tests found Planned Parenthood‘s hostname contained in 39% of organic search results on the first page of Google. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood’s hostname was found in only 14% of Bing first page results and 16 percent of DuckDuckGo’s first page results.

It should be no surprise that Big Tech was caught favoring Planned Parenthood, Susan B. Anthony List’s President Marjorie Dannenfelser told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have demonstrated a pattern of bias and censorship that favors the nation’s largest abortion business and its extreme agenda,” Dannenfelser said. “Despite their promises of policy changes, pro-life groups like Susan B. Anthony List and Live Action continue to be censored on their platforms, showing that tech giants have clearly taken sides in this national debate. We refuse to let pro-life voices be silenced and will continue working to expose pro-abortion bias online.”

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