Musgrave and Baker: Support passage of Human Life Equality Act in Mississippi

At a time when being different is more socially acceptable than ever, lethal discrimination against some of the most vulnerable members of our human family – babies in the womb – is sadly widespread. This week the Mississippi Legislature has a chance to pass the Human Life Equality Act and put a stop to the practice of discrimination abortions carried out because of a child’s race, sex, disability, or genetic makeup.

Children with Down syndrome are among the most affected. Although research shows that 99 percent of people with Down syndrome are happy with their lives, these children continue to be targeted due to fear and outdated stereotypes. In the United States as many as 67 percent of babies with Down syndrome are aborted, while in some developed nations they are on the verge of being eliminated completely.

If anyone knows what a tragedy this is, it’s Mika Hartman of Ocean Springs. When Mika was 13 weeks pregnant, she learned that her son Hudson would likely have Down syndrome. Mika and her husband chose life for Hudson after being encouraged to abort him due to his disability. Today Hudson is a bubbly toddler who loves music and kisses. Mika and Hudson recently met with Mississippi lawmakers to advocate for the Human Life Equality Act.

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