Pro-Life Amendment Fails, Fight Against D.C. Abortion Funding Continues

Yesterday a pro-life amendment sponsored by Todd Tiahrt (R- KS) and Lincoln Davis (D- TN) that would have prevented taxpayer-funded abortions in Washington D.C. was defeated by the House Appropriations Committee. There were 33 committee members who voted against the pro-life amendment: 32 Democrats and 1 Republican (Rodney Frelinghuysen of New Jersey). There were 26 committee members who voted in favor of the amendment: 21 Republicans and 5 Democrats (Marion Berry of Arkansas, Lincoln Davis of Tennessee, Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, Alan Mollohan of West Virginia, and John Murtha of Pennsylvania). One Republican was absent and did not vote.

Since the Tiahrt/Davis Amendment was rejected by the Appropriations Committee, the version of the bill that will go to the floor of the House will allow taxpayer-funded abortion in Washington D.C. Pro-life House members will not be able to introduce an amendment that would prevent taxpayer-funded abortion in Washington D.C. unless the Rules Committee allows it. The taxpayer-funded abortion in Washington D.C. could open the door to allowing taxpayer-funded abortion in other places as well.

Please take action to defend life and to keep more of our nation’s youth from facing the tragedy of abortion.

Contact your Representative today and them you don’t want your tax dollars to fund abortions in D.C.!

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