SBA List in the Headlines – January 30 – February 5

In response to undercover footage released on Tuesday showing Planned Parenthood of New Jersey aiding and abetting in alleged human sex trafficking of female minors, the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) announced that it was banding together with Live Action and 25 other pro-life groups to form the Expose Planned Parenthood coalition.  With the goal of building congressional support for defunding Planned Parenthood, the effort includes an online action center where pro-life grassroots activists can urge their local Members of Congress to support Rep. Mike Pence’s Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act to defund Planned Parenthood of the $363 million it receives annually.  Several national and political outlets reported that the forming of the coalition presented the biggest attack on abortion funding the nation’s largest abortion provider had ever seen.  

The New York Times, The Hill, Politico and Fox News all reported on the grassroots outrage over the violations recorded in the videos and quoted SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser on how they provided evidence of an institution-wide problem within Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood spokespeople at first responded by dismissing the video as a “hoax,” but, as Politico reported, later fired the clinic worker from the New Jersey tape and released a second statement announcing that they were thoroughly investigating the incident.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate voted 47-51 not to advance a House bill repealing the health care reform law but, as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told The Hill, “We think this is just the beginning” of GOP efforts to repeal the law.

In the wake of a second Live Action video released late in the week documenting underage reporting violations from a Planned Parenthood clinic in another state, the SBA List and other Expose Planned Parenthood coalition members launched a live webcast on Thursday, February 3, which drew more than 100,000 participants.  On the webcast, pro-life and anti-human trafficking experts discussed the violations in the footage and called upon the grassroots to contact their local Members of Congress. Pro-Life Youth Activist Andrew Bair Joins as Political Blogger
Date: Jan 30, 2011        By:

TPM: Radio Silence On Rape-Redefining Abortion Bill From The Right
Date: Feb 1, 2011        By: Evan McMorris-Santoro

The Hill: Anti-abortion groups latch on to undercover video to push Planned Parenthood defunding bill
Date: Feb 1, 2011        By: Julian Pecquet Pro-Lifers Demand Planned Parenthood De-Funding After Expose’
Date: Feb 1, 2011        By: Steven Ertelt

CBS News: Abortion Rights Activists Decry House Bill They Say Attempts to Redefine Rape
Date: Feb 1, 2011        By: Lucy Madison

AOL News: Lila Rose: 5 Facts on the Woman Behind Planned Parenthood Hoax
Date: Feb 1, 2011        By: Mary Phillips-Sandy New Jersey Planned Parenthood condemns employee’s sex trafficking cooperation
Date: Feb 1, 2011        By: Kathleen Gilbert  New Jersey Planned Parenthood condemns employee’s sex trafficking cooperation
Date: Feb 1, 2011        By: Kathleen Gilbert

California Catholic Daily: Planned Parenthood Must Be Defunded
Date: Feb 2, 2011        By: California Catholic Daily Redefining rape? H.R.3 seems to do just that
Date: Feb 2, 2011        By:  K. Lee

The Hill: OVERNIGHT HEALTH: Senate blocks repeal, but Republicans not done
Date: Feb 2, 2011        By: Healthwatch staff

Politico:  Groups unite vs. Planned Parenthood
Date: Feb 2, 2011        By: Sarah Kliff

New York Times: Anti-Abortion Groups Step Up Campaign Against Planned Parenthood
Date: Feb 2, 2011        By: Erik Eckholm and Jennifer Medina

Redstate: ‘No one is pro-abortion’
Date: Feb 2, 2011        By: Lexington Concord

The Christian Post: Pro-Life Groups to Speak Out on New Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood
Date:  Feb 3, 2011        By: Stephanie Samuel

Fox News: Undercover ‘Sex Work’ Videos Fuel Congressional Campaign Against Planned Parenthood
Date: Feb 3, 2011        By:

OneNewsNow: Planned Parenthood finding – drop it!
Date: Feb 3, 2011        By: Charlie Butts

Politico: Planned Parenthood fires worker in sting video
Date: Feb 3, 2011        By: Politco Writer

SYS-Con Media: FRC Action to Host Webcast Tonight Featuring Live Action’s Shocking Undercover Video Investigation of Planned Parenthood
Date: Feb 3, 2011        By: PR Newswire

CBN News: Second Planned Parenthood Video Reveals Violations
Date: Feb 4, 2011        By: Staff

The Christian Post: Videos Fuel Campaign Against Planned Parenthood Funding
Date: Feb 4, 2011        By: Stephanie Samuel Battle to De-Fund Abortion, Obamacare Starts Next Week
Date: Feb 4, 2011        By: Steven Ertelt

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