Senate Confirms Pro-abortion Lawyers for Key Department of Justice Positions

March 16, 2009

On Thursday, March 12, 2009, the Senate confirmed two of President Obama’s most radically pro-abortion nominees, David Ogden and Thomas Perrelli for the positions of Deputy Attorney General and Associate Attorney General.

In the past, David Ogden has publicly opposed common sense restrictions on abortion. He doesn’t think that parents deserve to know when their daughters head to an abortion clinic. And he has argued against current restrictions that keep federal tax dollars out of abortion clinics. Mr. Ogden has also been a longtime defender and lawyer for the Pornography industry.

Thomas Perrelli is best known for representing Michael Schiavo in his efforts to starve his wife Terri to death in 2005.

Both Ogden and Perrelli will now be charged with assisting Attorney General Eric Holder in enforcing laws and implementing policy that could possibly but thousands of unborn children at risk.

The Senate confirmed David Ogden by a vote of 65-28 and they confirmed Thomas Perrelli by a vote of 72-20.

See Senator James Inhofe’s Press Release and floor speech opposing Ogden and Perrelli’s nomination.


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