Trump Failure to Articulate Pro-life, Pro-Woman Position Contributed to WI Loss

Tonight Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser gave the following reaction to Ted Cruz’s victory over Donald Trump in the Wisconsin primary:

“In less than a week, Donald Trump has taken no less than five positions on abortion. As with other issues, each pronouncement Mr. Trump makes on the issue of life seemingly must be corrected by someone 15 minutes later. His failure to articulate the pro-life, pro-woman position no doubt contributed significantly to his loss tonight.

“Exit polling reveals that Wisconsin Evangelicals fled Mr. Trump to support Senator Cruz. Nationwide, Trump’s unforced errors on the abortion issue – as well as his continued disparaging comments about women like Heidi Cruz – will continue to hurt him.”

Fox News exit polling found that Sen. Cruz enjoyed his highest support of the campaign among evangelical Christians with 53 percent support, compared to 35 percent and 11 percent for Donald Trump and Gov. John Kasich, respectively.

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