Unborn Babies With Down Syndrome Protected In Arizona After Federal Court Ruling


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U.S. District Judge: No ‘Right’ to Abortion on Demand in the Dobbs Era

PHOENIX, Arizona – Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America celebrated after a federal district court in Arizona maintained protections for unborn children with Down syndrome this week. Arizona’s law that prohibits discriminatory abortions for reasons of genetic anomaly passed in 2021 and was signed by then-Governor Doug Ducey. The law took effect after the Dobbs decision but has continued to be challenged by the abortion lobby.

Judge Douglas Rayes, an Obama appointee, stated that the plaintiff’s argument of infringement to doctors’ and patients’ First Amendment rights is inadequate and that under Dobbs, “the Constitution does not protect a right to elective abortion.”

SBA Pro-Life America State Policy Director Katie Glenn praised the ruling, saying:

“This decision is a human rights victory for some of the most vulnerable children: babies in the womb believed to have a disability. Judge Rayes rightfully affirmed that Dobbs is our national precedent and there is no ‘right’ to abortion on demand, including abortions that target children for discrimination due to immutable characteristics such as sex, race or disability diagnosis. This modern-day eugenic practice has no place in America and the decision upholding Arizona’s protective law will resonate nationwide.

“As the fight to protect all unborn children and their mothers continues, we commend former Gov. Doug Ducey and the Arizona Legislature for making these life-saving protections a reality and the U.S. District Court for respecting our Constitution and the will of the people.”

David Prentice, Ph.D., vice president and research director of SBA Pro-Life America’s research arm Charlotte Lozier Institutetestified in support of the law in 2021.

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