10 Steps To Get Involved in the Pro-Life Movement

You might say to yourself: I am opposed to abortion, I want Roe v. Wade to be overturned, I want pro-life  heroes to be leading our country and the states, but HOW?  

Here is a list of 10 ways that you can become involved in spreading the Pro-Life message and the fight for the end of the killing of innocent unborn.  The list is not in any specific order since each point is important and dependent on each individual’s skills, talents and abilities that they can bring to aid in the end to abortion.

  1. Get Informed on the abortion issue. What’s going on in your local community, your state, the country and the world? Many are ignorant and unaware of what happens in their own neighborhoods. Is there an abortion clinic or crisis pregnancy center? Is there an election coming up? National Right to Life Committee, Susan B. Anthony List, Pro-Life.com
  2. Research candidates and discover their pro-life positions so you know who you are supporting or who is leading you.  Here is a page with winning pro-life candidates.
  3. Assist in electing pro-life candidates running in your area –support pro-life political candidates who can speak for the voiceless and people like yourself. Once you know who your pro-life leaders are, support them by making donations, or volunteering to make phone calls or go door knocking on their behalf. Good pro-life candidates NEED good volunteers!
  4. Run for office as a pro-life candidate if you feel called and have the abilities to take up this position.
  5. Volunteer at pregnancy centers in your area, helping to provide women and families with alternatives to abortion.  Visit Care-Net or Heartbeat International to find a facility near you.
  6. Pray for the end of abortion – Participate in the next 40 Days for Life campaign and pro- actively pray to end abortion.
  7. Support organizations, pregnancy centers and places that work to end abortion through financial contributions, prayers or assistance.  Of course you can support the SBA List, along with other pro-life organizations!
  8. Work in your neighborhood, school, organization, church or community to help in the various programs and institutions that are already working to end abortion.  If need be, start one if there is not any in your local community.  Heartbeat International is a wonderful way to get involved.
  9. Attend various pro-life events that will inform you and encourage yourself and others to continue to fight tirelessly. 
  10. Share your knowledge and experience with others – in a logical and clear manner.  You will find that the simple argument for life is logical and just, it can change the hearts of many. Abort 73 is a comprehensive website with a lot of facts and arguments against abortion.  Also look to point #1 for more resources to share with others.

While this list is by no means exhaustive and the various ways to aid in the end to abortion are endless, these are some key starters that can help propel individuals and communities become informed and driven to end this atrocity in our country and world.

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