Michigan AG Files Lawsuit to Close Two Abortion Clinics

Yesterday, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette filed a lawsuit to permanently close two Michigan abortion clinics. The clinics in questions, the Health Care Clinic in Delta Township and its affiliate- the Women’s Choice Clinic in Saginaw, are accused of grievous health violations. The suit is intended to permanently dissolve both facilities as well as prevent clinic owner Richard Remund from ever owning another abortion clinic.

Attorney General Schuette began an investigation of the clinic in April 2010 following the February 2010 discovery of the bodies of 17 aborted babies, who had been placed in clear plastic medical waste bags, in the Women’s Choice Clinic dumpster. Also found were seven months worth of patient records. Both the disposal of the human remains and the patient records stand in clear violation of the law. A joint investigation with the Eaton County Sherriff’s department concluded that the clinics were improperly incorporated and may have violated additional state regulations. Additionally, the clinics’ owner, Mr. Remund, is not a medical professional—which is another violation of state law.

Several Michigan lawmakers have applauded Attorney General Schuette for going forward with this investigation and lawsuit. “It’s widely known that employees at these facilities tossed unborn babies in the trash, so it is not surprising to find more evidence of callous disregard for state laws intended to protect patient safety,” said Michigan State Senator Rick Jones. “I applaud Attorney General Schuette for taking steps to hold these facilities accountable.” Representative Deb Shaughnessy was similarly pleased. She commented, “No one should be exempt from following laws passed to preserve health, safety and welfare. I thank Attorney General Schuette for working to shut down this clinic and put patient safety first.”

This lawsuit is good news for the people of Michigan, as is the shutdown of these two places of terrible tragedy. The alleged actions of these clinic workers are grotesque and demonstrate a callous disregard for human life. To think that the proper place for any human body, no matter how young or old or “unwanted” they might be, is a very sick and sad notion. This lawsuit is a positive step forward in the battle to protect life. There must be oversight of such facilities and they must be required to keep in line with health and safety standards. Hopefully, these clinics will be permanently shut down and the lives of many will be saved.

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