CBN: Federal Abortion Funding Fight Hits the Road

Check out this great interview with Congresswoman Musgrave in front of the U.S. Capitol with the Votes Have Consequences Express!

From CBN News:
The pro-life Susan B. Anthony List is taking its fight against government-funded abortions on the road.

The group has started a cross-country bus campaign to call out lawmakers who agreed to an executive order on abortion funding, and also urge that more be done to prevent tax dollars from going to abortion groups.

During last-minute health care bill negotiations, Congressman Bart Stupak and several others gave up on insisting tough anti-abortion language be put in the legislation. Instead, they accepted an executive order to be signed by President Obama that would forbid taxpayer funding of abortions through the new law.

Former Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave has been traveling on the Susan B. Anthony List bus, and feels the order is insufficient.

“We’ve had an opinion from Congressional Research Services saying that the executive order is not sufficient to prohibit taxpayer funding of abortions,” she said. “Take a look at the real story. These people said they were pro-life. They caved on the big one. The executive order is a sham.”

The candidates and their supporters insist Musgrave and her group are wrong.

Meanwhile, Musgrave says her bus journey to each candidate’s home district has shown her the pro-life cause is still a powerful one for voters.

“It hits very hard. The majority of Americans now self-identify as pro-life,” she said. “There are more and more young people who are pro-life. We saw a poll just come out that shows 53 percent of the women now say abortions are just too easy to get.”

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