The Gosnell Movie Project

An exciting new pro-life project was launched this week!

Some independent filmmakers are planning to produce a film exposing the atrocities of abortionist and convicted murderer, Kermit Gosnell, and the shameful media blackout of his trial.

Gosnell Movie

These filmmakers Ann, Phelim, Magdalena – famous for their film “FrackNation” – excel in a strategy called “crowd-funding.” Crowd-funding means that individual activists support a project by pledging as little as $1 to their campaign and then helping promote their project on Twitter, Facebook, and to friends.

They are attempting to raise $2.1 million on Indiegogo to make the film exposing Gosnell and the late-term abortion industry. If they’re successful, this will be the largest ever crowd-funding project.

Every dollar donated is a vote in favor of making this film happen. Let’s help these courageous filmmakers mobilize a tidal wave of activists to do what the mainstream media refused to do: expose Gosnell’s “house of horrors” and the late-term abortion industry.

They have already raised more than $303,200! But they won’t receive a penny of the pledged funds unless they meet their goal of $2.1 million. That’s how crowd-funding works. It’s all or nothing.

Thousands of babies suffered and died at the hands of Gosnell. For years, his abortion business went uninspected and unregulated – in the protective shadow of Abortion industry giants like Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation (NAF).

Planned Parenthood and NAF remained silent while Kermit Gosnell murdered countless unborn babies – by snipping their spinal cords just after birth. Gosnell wounded – sometimes fatally – an untold number of women.

These filmmakers want to expose Kermit Gosnell for what he is: The biggest serial killer in American history.

Please click here to watch their brief introduction video, to contribute, and to share on social media.

The media ignored Gosnell’s trial for weeks until finally being shamed into covering the story.

Americans still don’t know the horrors of Gosnell, who killed more people than some  infamous killers like Ted Bundy and Jodi Arias.

The Gosnell Movie Project will change that. These filmmakers want to use their talents to expose Gosnell’s horrifying crimes and the late abortion business.  They’re telling this tragic story, and beginning to right this terrible wrong.

Click here to watch their brief introduction video, to contribute, and to share on social media.

In order for this to work and tell the story that the media refused to cover, this needs to go viral!

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