Horrifying Forced Abortion in China

Lifenews.com reported a terrible story about China’s one child policy today. The policy was brutally enforced in China on October 10th, when local planning officials forced a woman in her eighth month of pregnancy to have an abortion.  The woman was dragged out of her house by over 12 officials and detained in a hospital for three days, where a forced abortion was preformed.  Both parents were clearly distraught. 

The father, Luo Yanquan, gave an interview to Al Jazeera, in which he expressed his dismay as to how he would tell his 9 year old daughter what happened.  The young girl was eagerly awaiting a baby brother.  The story has received significant internet attention because of the interview the father gave to Al Jazeera.

From LifeNews.com:

In a blog post at the National Catholic Register, Danielle Bean said many people may not have the stomach to read about cases like this, but she says it is important for people to understand what is happening in China, as this is not an isolated case.

“These are the consequences we suffer when we allow our fellow human beings in other countries to suffer under inhumane rules of law,” she says. “I don’t suppose I need to tell anyone that this is barbaric. Kidnapping pregnant women and forcibly injecting their pregnant wombs with poison for the “crime” of having a second child?”

Bean says an NPR report indicates the local family planning officials may be engaging in a forced abortion campaign because they missed their birth reduction goals — which pose consequences for officials such as potential job loss or loss of benefits.

“A couple mourns their child and a little girl mourns her sibling because a local official needed to bring the birth rate down by .11 percent. I have no words for that,” Bean concluded.

This is just one of many horrific examples in China and around the world of the blatant disregard for life.  China’s one child policy has lead to widespread abortion and forced abortion, an estimated 13 million every year.  Women pregnant with an additional child are fined anywhere from $1 to $40,000 and are typically sterilized. Lives are being destroyed simply because logistical goals were not met.  These policies are completely unacceptable, when will those that support abortion see this procedure for the terrible tragedy it truly is?

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