“I had an Abortion” Twitter Campaign Ignores Women in Pain

The “Silent No More Campaign” has empowered thousands of women to speak out about regretting their abortions. This empowerment has been condemned by many pro-abortion groups, who also claim to be pro-women’s empowerment. However, instead of supporting these women who have struggled after their abortions, they ostracize them and attack their experiences.

This intolerant attitude is being demonstrated again by the creation of a new Twitter campaign called “I had an abortion” created by pro-abortion activist, Steph Herold. The campaign tells women to summarize their abortion experiences in a twitter update. One of the participants even said the campaign was a way to “silence” those of “Silent No More.”

Theresa Burke, founder of Rachel’s Vineyard, spoke out against the Twitter campaign’s intolerance for women who admit their suffering after abortion stating:

“Women who have suffered the loss of their children by abortion are the victims of unspeakable trauma – a hideous unspoken violence…Why is it that tweeters who claim to feel so empowered by abortion feel so intimidated and hyperaroused by the stories of other women who reveal the procedure as an emotionally wrenching act of destruction?”

Burke’s understands the lack of empowerment abortion gives women after working with thousands of women who regret their abortions, and are struggling to recover from them. Burke states:

“it is important to accept their experiences with tolerance and sympathy. They have something compelling to teach us about female oppression, discrimination and a society that rejects women and the children of their wombs; about a planet where women are forced to be flattened in the name of freedom; about a tyranny which violates female instinct, femininity and women’s unique role in procreation.”

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