UPDATED: Late Term Abortion Practitioner to Open More Clinics

Today LifeNews reported that LeRoy Carhart, a late term abortion practitioner, is looking to open two new abortion clinics in Nebraska, in memory of his friend, deceased abortionist George Tiller .

However, Nebraska recently passed a pro-life, fetal pain law, restricting late term abortions because the unborn babies feel pain after 20-weeks.  This law will restrict Carhart’s business and it is thought he might move to a more lenient state to avoid this law.  Surrounding states, however, are looking to adopt this law as well.

Carhart attempts to make his plans sound heroic, he explains;

“They can’t know that murder means a clinic is going to close, because then 1,700 murders (of abortion providers) and there will be no abortion in the United States,” he told KSN. “Tiller was willing to fight back and so am I.”

He also blasted pro-life groups in the interview with a Kansas television station saying,

“I see the anti-choice movement as nothing different from the Taliban,” he said. “No matter what the anti’s do, what Congress does, what the states do – abortion is not going to go away,” said Dr. Carhart. “What’s going to go away are safe and legal abortions. I still feel like I’m doing God’s work.”

It is outrageous for anyone to think that ending the life of an unborn child and wounding their mother for life is the work of God.  Dr. Carhart demonstrates exactly why we must continue the fight for Life. Fortunately, as the pro-life American majority grows, pro-life state legislatures and Governors will pass authentic legislation that protects unborn boys and girls and the thousands of women that are harmed by abortions each day.



Update 11-10-10: In today’s Washington Post, Rob Stein writes that Dr. Carhart also plans to open up a late term abortion clinic in the SBA List’s own backyard, somewhere in the DC Metro area:

Carhart refused to disclose the exact locations of the new clinics, and would not say whether the Washington clinic will be in the District or one of the Virginia or Maryland suburbs, citing concerns about abortion protests. But he said that clinic would open Dec. 6.

“The patients, when they call, will be told where to go. The ‘antis’ will find out soon enough, but I don’t want to help them,” Carhart said. “We will be subject to protests, but I’m not going to give them a head start.”

The location was selected based on a combination of factors, including which jurisdiction had the most favorable laws.

“That’s not the only consideration,” Carhart said. “We also considered things like being near the Metro and good transportation and access to airports.”

Carhart said he would work at both of the new clinics, along with other doctors. The Washington clinic would also provide other services, including family planning, he said.

No news yet as to where the clinic is, but if Carhart’s clinic ends up in DC, one thing for certain is that Americans across the country will be funding late-term abortions carried out by our nation’s most notorious abortionist. The longstanding Dornan amendment, which prevented federal funding of abortion in the District of Columbia, did not pass last year.

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