Judge Temporarily Blocks Life Saving Law

Today an Oklahoma judge put a block on a new law that would place restrictions on the use of abortion inducing drugs currently being prescribed to women. District Judge Daniel Owens placed a temporary injunction against the law, signed this year by pro-life stalwart Gov. Mary Fallin, after a suit was filed by the New York based Center for Reproductive Rights. Judge Owens’ injunction has prevented the measure from taking effect on November 1.

The law would require doctors to follow strict guidelines and prohibits the use of any off-label abortion drugs.  The measure requires that abortion inducing drugs be administered by a physician, in accordance with FDA regulations. It would also require physicians to schedule a follow up appointment with the patient and provide her with the drug’s label to ensure the drug’s proper use.

Not surprisingly, pro-abortion advocates are celebrating this temporary victory. “We’re thrilled that women in Oklahoma will continue to be able to access medical care that accounts for scientific evidence, sound medical judgment and advancements in medicine,” said Michelle Movahed, a lawyer for the Center for Reproductive Rights.

“To date, at least eight American women have died from mifepristone abortions,” Assistant Attorney General Victoria Tindall wrote in the state’s response to the center’s lawsuit. “The dangerous risks of mifepristone demand strict adherence to the FDA-approved protocol. Off-label use of mifepristone is deadly, and the necessity of the amendatory language in HB 1970 — and Oklahoma’s compelling interest — is obvious.”

The hold up of this long overdue law is a scandal and a shame. While pro-abortion advocates claims to be the great champions of women’s health, they seem to miss the great irony. To oppose this law is to stand in opposition to women’s health! To oppose this law is to ask that certain drugs administered to women (known to be dangerous and to have caused death) not undergo FDA scrutiny. To oppose this law is to oppose women having proper follow up care and oppose her having proper knowledge before she makes an irreversible and potentially dangerous life choice. Oklahoma women deserve better than that. All women deserve better.

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