Former Attorney General investigates Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood claims to be “a trusted health care provider,” however, when former Kansas attorney general Phill Kline conducted an investigation into the organization, Planned Parenthood was anything but trustworthy. A biased Kansas disciplinary board found Kline guilty of ethical misconduct for his investigation into Planned Parenthood. In a six-year period Kline as attorney general presided over investigations “of the late George Tiller’s abortion clinic in Wichita and Planned Parenthood in Overland Park.” Over the span of this investigation it was reported that Kline provided false or deceptive information and therefore “caused potential injury to the public.” Criticism arose from the alleged mishandling of patients’ private medical records- in which it was claimed Kline and his staff did not store the records properly and were copying the private records at a local Kinkos. Kline has denied the allegations brought against him saying they are politically motivated.

In a two part trial this year Kline was not fairly treated. According to “prosecutors were given seven out of eight days to make their case even though evidence had been debunked by the same prosecutors’ office two years prior in findings that were ignored.” The prosecution was even granted an extension of time to present the second accusation; this same courtesy was not granted to the defense.

On Planned Parenthood’s website it says, “Whether talking with members of Congress, parents, or faith leaders, or arguing cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, we fight for commonsense policies.” Evidence was later found to show that Planned Parenthood had formed a secret agreement with the grand jury to cover up evidence. Planned Parenthood does not fight for policies but pays for them and at a cost of thousands of lives. Kline said, “My ‘mistake’ was my willingness to investigate politically powerful people and to let that investigation go where the evidence led.” The recommendation of suspension will go before the Kansas Supreme Court.

This has brought shame to our justice system as Phill Kline desperately fights for a fair trial. Kline has set such a great example for us to follow, as a strong pro-life leader he is helping push forward on this road to victory.

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