Kermit Gosnell and the Blood Money of Abortion

The sickening case of abortionist Kermit Gosnell has once again displayed one of the driving forces behind the abortion industry: profit. And a lot of it.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Gosnell made closer to $1.8 million a year off of abortions alone. Abortions which left countless women physically and emotionally scarred for life. Procedures which resulted in newborn babies’ spinal cords being cut with scissors. Operations which left two of Gosnell’s patients dead.

While Gosnell’s abortion pals and the pro-abortion bureaucrats in Pennsylvania were turning a blind-eye to Gosnell’s disgusting practices, Gosnell was busy buying up multiple properties with the money he made exploiting and assaulting low-income minority women:

Prosecutors provided records at the hearing indicating the Gosnell and his wife have 16 properties valued “in the millions,” including a bay front home in Brigantine, N.J. worth over $900,000.

Gosnell, who prosecutors said could have been charged for a “hundred murders,” had the audacity and the nerve to request a public attorney. He and his wife Pearl, a willing accessory to his perverted actions, claimed they were “close to destitute.” Thankfully, the court rejected Gosnell’s request, despite his insistence that he couldn’t liquidate his assets because he must provide for his 13 year-old daughter.

Gosnell is clearly out of touch with reality, lacking the sensibility and humility of any decent human being. The abortion industry is driven by greed and profit. The same people who call for affordable and accessible “reproductive rights” for all women are busy promoting the ultimate money-maker: abortion. They perform these abortions upon some of the most vulnerable, poor, and desperate of women. Live Action’s recent stings on Planned Parenthood showed clear evidence of workers protecting pimps and sex traffickers all in the name of their perverted philosophy. Did the National Abortion Federation have women in mind when they inspected Gosnell’s gruesome operation and neglected to report the conditions to anyone?

When one of Gosnell’s patients told him that she did not want an abortion, Gosnell proceeded to take her clothes of and hit her, fighting the 87-pound teenager for more than thirty minutes. He tied her down to the medical bed, telling her, “This is the same care that I would give to my own daughter.” After being given drugs, she was knocked unconscious for more than 12 hours.

One victim was in so much pain after he abortion that she could hardly sit. Gosnell performed an ultrasound and found that there were still remains from the baby in her womb. He proceeded to suck them out without any anesthesia, telling his victim at the end to “stand up, you aren’t in that much pain.”

How could Gosnell get away with such awful crimes which assault basic human morality? He was protected by the abortion industry and their supporters within state government. From the grand jury report on Gosnell:

…[t]he Pennsylvania Department of Health abruptly decided, for political reasons, to stop inspecting abortion clinics at all. The politics in question were not anti-abortion, but pro. With the change of administration from [pro-life] Governor Casey to [pro-abortion] Governor Ridge, officials concluded that inspections would be “putting a barrier up to women” seeking abortions. Even nail salons in Pennsylvania are monitored more closely for client safety. Without regular inspections, providers like Gosnell continue to operate; unlawful and dangerous third-trimester abortions go undetected; and many women, especially poor women, suffer.

The report also noted:

Almost a decade ago, a former employee of Gosnell presented the Board of Medicine with a complaint that laid out the whole scope of his operation: the unclean, unsterile conditions; the unlicensed workers; the unsupervised sedation; the underage abortion patients; even the over-prescribing of pain pills with high resale value on the street. The department assigned an investigator, whose investigation consisted primarily of an offsite interview with Gosnell. The investigator never inspected the facility, questioned other employees, or reviewed any records. Department attorneys chose to accept this incomplete investigation, and dismissed the complaint as unconfirmed.

Pro-life activists have urged officials in Delaware and Louisiana to launch investigations into abortion clinics that Gosnell was affliated with.

The Gosnell case and the Live Action videos released over the last several days together show an abortion industry which places its perverted agenda above the dignity of women. Disgusting, unimaginable conditions and pimps and sex traffickers  are protected and conveniently overlooked for the sake of profit. Poor, desperate women are taken advantage of by abusive and controlling men, whether it be by their pimps or doctors like Kermit Gosnell. All in the name of “reproductive rights.”





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