The Komen Connection

Susan G. Komen RibbonOctober will be here before we know it, and that means National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Good hearted people will buy pink merchandise from organizations that support breast cancer research. The largest of these organizations is Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Fighting Breast Cancer is a noble cause, however the people behind the pink movement don’t always adhere to their mission to, “Save lives, empower people, [and] ensure quality care for all…”

The problem is that the affiliates of Susan G Komen for the Cure donate millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood. Eric Winer, chief scientific advisor for SGK said in a letter addressing their affiliation with Planned Parenthood that, “Planned Parenthood uses these funds only for breast health education, screening, and treatment programs,” and that SGK checks the organization twice a year to make sure the money donated is used only for the previously mentioned purposes. Even if Planned Parenthood only uses the money towards measures to fight breast cancer, it does not change the fact that donations to fight breast cancer also help Planned Parenthood carry out their role as the largest abortion provider in the nation. When Planned Parenthood gets funding “just to help breast cancer,” it allows for donations from others to go straight to funding abortions. If nothing else it gives the organization more money to thrive.

There are also studies that link abortion to breast cancer- which is precisely what SGK is supposed to be fighting against. These studies have been disputed for years, but in an article “Planned Parenthood deepens link to breast-cancer group,” Jill Stanek uses the most basic of logic to explain how abortions cause more breast cancer (at least indirectly). The following are facts that SGK acknowledges; childbearing protects women from breast cancer (The more children you have and the sooner you have them decreases your chance for breast cancer), breast-feeding protects against breast cancer, and never having children or delaying having children increases a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer. So it is pretty obvious that abortion helps cause Breast Cancer, simply because having children helps prevent breast cancer.

Since the pro-life cause is “kind of a big deal” here at SBA List, as well as a root of faith for many pro-lifers, we should all make sure we know where our donation money is going during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Knowingly giving money to help the pro-abortion agenda is not “morally permissible” in the Catholic Church, despite what the “Susan G. Komen for the Multiple Causes” website may say.

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