LifeNews: 90% of Down Syndrome Children Aborted, Survivors Bring Joy

Over at the blog, SBA List staff writer Maura Butler writes:

There is an ugly statistic made well known by none other than The New York Times from a 2007 article; 90 percent of all pregnancies where the unborn child is given a diagnosis of Down Syndrome end in abortion.

Can you wrap your head around that?  9 in 10; 90 in 100 – that is a lot of life snuffed out because of the possibility of one pesky extra chromosome.

Have you ever met a child with Down Syndrome or with other special needs?  I have met plenty of them.  If fact, one of my own children has special needs.  We say she may be delayed at most things, but she’s very advanced at loving.

I’m not going to paint a rosy picture and say it’s all sunshine and smiles being the parent of a child with special needs.  There are extra trials and days you wonder if you’ll be able to keep your head while you heart feels like it’s breaking.  My husband and I explain it to our other young children that their sister needs extra help, more help than most kids her age.  Sometimes it’s not easy being a sibling of a child with special needs.  But none of us could ever imagine our life without her, without her smile, her laughter, her hugs and (extra wet) kisses.

That’s why that statistic causes me to shudder.  How many beautiful children meant for this world have been killed because some test didn’t come back perfect?  How many smiles and hugs has the world lost because this little life wasn’t given the chance to take a breath and change minds, hearts and lives?  Here’s a newsflash: none of us is perfect; some of us just have more visible crosses than others.

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