NARAL launches dirty anti-SBA List attack ad

The pro-abortion lobby is very afraid of us – so they’ve stooped to a new low. 

Yesterday we got our powerful “Charlotte” ad up on the air in North Carolina through our partner, Women Speak Out PAC. 

Screenshot from NARAL anti-SBA List ad

As you know, North Carolina is a key state we must win to kick Harry Reid out of power in the Senate — all in order to advance popular legislation to protect babies and moms. 

So how did NARAL respond to our ad buy exposing Sen. Hagan’s extreme support for painful late-term abortions?

They’ve launched their own anti-SBA-List ad buy – backed by tens of thousands of dollars – and packed with shameful distortions.

  • It insinuates that SBA List and its members molest women (see the screenshot below);
  • It says we are “as anti-woman as it gets”;
  • It says our efforts to save babies from violent abortions interferes with “personal health decisions.”

Why is NARAL unleashing this disgusting attack on the SBA List and its members?

Because they know they cannot win the debate over whether painful, brutal late-term abortions should be allowed in America. 

They can’t attack our message, so instead they are attacking the messenger.

So how do we respond?

We don’t take the bait and make this a debate about us. That’s what they want us to do. 

Instead, we continue to make it about the babies. We continue to tell powerful, moving stories like Charlotte’s. And how politicians like Kay Hagan refuses to protect little girls like her.

Help us now – NARAL’s desperate ad means our message is clearly working. 

Screenshot from NARAL anti-SBA List ad

The Women Speak Out team has already knocked on more than 261,292 doors, having one-to-one conversations with pro-life voters and urging them to turn out to vote on Election Day. 

Our ground game is key — and this TV ad campaign will round out our efforts to ensure we reach as many people as possible. By putting even MORE funding behind our Charlotte ad, we can ensure NARAL’s disgusting ad backfires on them.

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